Sky View Rehabilitation and Health Care is proud of the rich history of our facility. Discover our story, then take a trip to our home to enjoy the peaceful calm and resplendent beauty of the Sky View of today!

The Frost Estate

In 1914, the original grounds of Sky View was the estate of Eugene Frost. The Frost home had twenty-one rooms. Mr. Frost worked at the Sing Sing Savings Bank. In 1915, he sold his estate to Captain John Jenkins.

Tumble Inn

On St. Patrick’s Day of that year, Captain John Jenkins opened the Tumble Inn. No advertising was done. Its popularity became known by word of mouth. It was operated as a French restaurant with an entire French staff. The staff comprised of a manager, twenty waiters, a Captain, five dinner chefs, two salad chefs and five pastry chefs. An orchestra from Yonkers furnished music for dancing.

In 1917, Captain Jenkins added an enclosed porch for a dining room. A chauffeur’s house was across the road, as were two stables. To this day, there is a hitching post standing up in a wall on that property. The 71st regiment was stationed in Harmon on the fields on the Boulevard. There were soldiers in tents and the officers stayed at the Tumble Inn. A patron who required the services of a chauffeur was charged $3.00 a day. There were many Model T Fords and Stanley Steamer automobiles on the grounds. Room prices were listed as $3.00 for roadside view, and river view at $7.50 per day. Many receptions were held there, and it was the elite place to be seen. Actress Kay Francis held her wedding reception there. Many stars and celebrities were often seen there, such as the Rockefellers, Lillian Russel, Lillian Gish, Douglas Fairbanks Sr., and the New York Yankees. Others would sail up the Hudson, tie up their boats and walk up the hill to the Inn for dinner.

The management of the hotel and restaurant lounge was in the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Gustav E. Reuss (pronounced Royce). The ever increasing popularity of the Tumble Inn revolved around the European experiences of the Reuss’, who had been in the United States since 1928. Mr Reuss served 16 years managing in the German hotels. After an impressive background in hotel work both in Europe and New York, and serving many dignitaries, he chose Tumble Inn because of its modest dignity and its similarity and atmosphere to the exclusive places in which he served. The Tumble Inn’s banquet facilities could accommodate groups of 300, and became the meeting place of friends from greater New York, Putnam, Connecticut etc.

In 1927, the Saw Mill River Parkway was under construction, and took much of the traffic off the Post Road. In that same year, prohibition came into effect. Captain Jenkins refused to pay for protection as others did, and ultimately Tumble Inn closed.

Croton Manor

In 1943, the property was purchased by a registered nurse named Filomena Doherty, who opened a private psychiatric facility called Croton Manor. With the assistant of Dr. Louis Bernard, she operated it successfully until 1952. Dr. Vogel, well known to Sky View, was an attending physician.

Sky View Terrace

At that time Ms. Doherty closed Croton Manor, and later reopened it as Sky View Terrace, a skilled nursing home. During the time of her ownership of Croton Manor and Sky View Terrace, Ms. Doherty also raised pedigree pug dogs on a separate section of the property Pugsville Kennels, as they were called, were very well known.

Sky View Haven Nursing Home

Helen and J. Walter Malley purchased Sky View in 1954, when Ms. Doherty decided to relocate to New Jersey. The name was changed to Sky View Haven, and the home with an average census of 65, continued to provide nursing care for 20 years. In the 1960’s, the increasing demand for beds and the regulations of the newly created Medicaid program made it apparent that a larger, more modern building was necessary. Construction of the present facility was completed at the end of 1973, under new ownership and management.

Sky View Rehabilitation & Health Care

In October 2003, Sky View was acquired by Epic Healthcare Management. Under the leadership of Lizer Jozefovic, CEO & Mark Newman, CFO – Epic has a reputation of transforming nursing facilities into luxury hotel-like settings. Today, Sky View Rehabilitation & Health Care is a magnificent five-star rehab environment where residents are assured aggressive and targeted therapy in conjunction with concierge services and amenities.